Our 1998-1999 Season: Mainstage

book by Marsha Norman

lyrics by Marsha Norman

music by Lucy Simon

The year is 1911. Young Mary Lennox awakes one morning in India, to discover that her parents, and in fact, everyone she knows in the English compound in Bombay, have died of cholera. Having nowhere else to go, she is sent to live with her brooding Uncle Archibald, in his 100-room mansion in Yorkshire. Archibald is mourning the death of his wife, Lily and tending to his ill son, Colin.

Accompanying the girl from the train station, Mrs. Medlock, tells Mary she will have no one to play with, and she will not be allowed to wander the halls of the mansion. In short, Mary will find her life there to be as gloomy and miserable as the house itself.

Once she begins to spend her days outside, however, Mary’s sourness gradually diminishes. She learns from the cantankerous head gardener, Ben, of a mysterious walled garden which has been kept locked since Lily’s death. With the help of some friends, Mary finds the key to the garden and magic.



Pictures from our production of The Secret Garden:

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