Our 1976-1977 Season: Mainstage

book by George Abbott and Jerome Weedman

lyrics by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Hornick

music by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Hornick

Opening Night: October 29, 1976

Closing Night: November 13, 1976

Reverend Brock, a single-minded 1890s social reformer works to sanitize the Tenderloin, a red-light neighborhood in western Manhattan. He is foiled by everyone associated with the district, including the corrupt politicians and police who are taking their cut from the earnings of the prostitutes who work the streets there. Tommy Howatt, a writer for the local scandal sheet Tatler, infiltrates the minister's church and proceeds to play one side against the other, eventually framing Brock by revealing to the authorities his plan to raid the brothels, but ultimately saving him by siding with him at his trial. As a result, the Tenderloin is shut down and Brock, asked to resign from his church, heads for Detroit with the hope of succeeding there as well.



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