As an organization, we are committed to diverse and inclusive casting and welcome all ethnicities and gender identities to audition. Newcomers are especially welcomed and encouraged! Upcoming audition dates are below. Hope to see you there!

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The Barn Theatre, Montville, NJ announces auditions for Solstice Showcase One Acts 2024
May 19 2024 Sunday 7pm – 9:30pm
May 20 2024 Monday 7pm – 9:30pm

June 7 Friday 2024 – One Acts PERFORMANCE 8pm
June 8 Saturday 2024 – One Acts PERFORMANCE 8pm
June 9 Sunday 2024 – One Acts PERFORMANCE 2pm

The Barn Theatre of Montville NJ is proud to announce the return of The Solstice Showcase, its biennial festival of original one-act plays. This three-day event showcases new works of up-and-coming playwrights from the NJ/NY area and beyond and other theatrical talent.

Sides from the scripts will be made available at the audition. All roles available however some roles may be cast before open auditions. Check back for casting updates. Casting is open to all ethnicities and races. Newcomers are especially welcome. Crew and other volunteers are also needed for the event.

A Heart-Warming Story
written by Tony Manzo
Directed by Mary Clifford

A charming comedy about an apparently happily married couple, who are concerned about the news of their friend’s adulterous affair.  The initially innocent discussion upends their relationship and forces a difficult decision.

Amy – (30s-mid 40s): Brighter than her husband, she is resolute in her moral convictions.  She loves her husband, Sal, but she is very intuitive, which causes her to doubt the stability of their marriage.

Sal – (30s-mid 40s): Easygoing and empathetic, he loves his wife, Amy, but unknowingly sets her up to question their marriage.

Is There a Doctor in the House?
written by Sharon Garry
directed by Joanne Rich

A family deals with big decisions being made for a future career path.

Joey Esposito – (Donna DellaCamp): non-binary, mid-twenties drag performer.

Mary Esposito: – Female mid 50s, Joey’s mother and a recently retired high school teacher.

Al Esposito: – Male, late 50s. Owner/operator of a successful auto repair business. Father to Joey.

The Audience
Written by Donna Romankow Boyd
Directed by Ed Faver

It’s a few minutes before curtain at a Broadway house. A theatre fan has to navigate the cast of characters in the audience before enjoying the cast of characters on stage.

SANDY and RITA: Females, Mid to late 40s, gossipy, loud

JAY: Male mid to late 40’s, high energy

DI: Female late 40s, married to JAY, reasonable

JEANIE: Female Mid-20s, obsessed with social media, dating MICK

MICK: Male Mid-20s, bluework everyman; , clueless

When The Spirit Hits You
written by Bob MacKay
directed by Bill Kaufman

A young couple has inherited a magnificent upscale apartment with a view and a somewhat frisky ghost. The widow upstairs is more than happy to help.

Male: mid 20s to 30s. Open to a wide variety of types.

Female: mid 20s to 30s. Open to a wide variety of types.

Older Woman 50s to early 60s  . Flexible casting. Comic timing is essential.

Up on the Roof
written by Mark Harvey Levine
directed by Nancy LaShure

A couple asks for help from the Heavens to determine if they should take the next step in their relationship or break it off for good.

Jason and Carrie (mid 20’s – to 30’s – or older – any ethnicity) Open to a wide variety of types!

Good comic timing and acerbic wit a plus!

Eye of the Beholder
Written by Michael Edan
Directed by Ed Faver

A year after an accident has dramatically altered Dee’s life, she reluctantly meets with a therapist to finally face her new world.

Dee (Female) Age: 40+. Any ethnicity. Her demeanor can move from fierce to vulnerable, and she possesses a dark sense of humor.

Sam (Male) Age: 45+. Any ethnicity. His demeanor is calm and supportive, which also suggests a core of strength.

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