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Auditions: Dangerous Liaisons

Auditions are Saturday, December 2nd at 1pm and Monday, December 4th at 7pm. They will be held at the Barn Theatre, 32 Skyline Dr, Montville, NJ 07045.

NOTE: Accents are not required. Sides will be provided. Rehearsals will not begin until the first or second week of January, depending on cast availability. Auditions are being held early to give the cast time to begin working on the script.

Brief Description:

Set just before the French Revolution, two French aristocrats, Marquis de Merteuil and her ex-lover, the Vicomte de Valmont, challenge each other to seduce unsuspecting innocents in this story of revenge, debauchery, and hidden motives. It is a glimpse into the lives of beautiful people poised to denigrate and control everyone around them, including each other.

Character Breakdown:

Marquise de Merteuil (35-45) – a woman of considerable experience. A rich widow, ex-lover and now co-conspirator of Vicomte de Valmont; an extremely shrewd and formidable woman with deep reservoirs of intellect, emotion, and passion, though she guards the latter two characteristics fiercely; a supremely cool and cunning manipulator with a steely resolve; impenetrable and unapologetically deceptive; she plays the game better than anyone.

Vicomte de Valmont (45+) – a man of considerable experience. The former lover of the Marquise, he is a distinguished, wealthy, and effortlessly charming lothario; stealthy, manipulative, and determined in the extreme; a proud man used to getting his way. Love, his fatal vulnerability, blindsiding him in the end.

Madame de Tourvel (25-35) – beautiful but pious and chaste, she is a virtuous and deeply religious married woman of notoriously unassailable moral character; Valmont sets out to corrupt her for sport; passionate in her faith and loyal to a fault, Tourvel is relentlessly pursued and seduced by Valmont and, after giving over, is overwhelmed by deep feeling, passion, and ultimately grief.

Madame de Volanges (50+) – a wealthy widow and friend of the Marquise; mother of the teenaged Cécile; respectable and spirited if parochial; very aware of her daughter’s budding sexuality and mindful of making a beneficial match for her; deeply distrustful and disdainful of Valmont.

Cecile Volanges (must be 18+ but with a playing age of 15-18) – Madame de Volanges’ pretty and virginal young daughter, recently released from a convent to enter into a marriage her mother arranged; girlishly exuberant yet tentative, increasingly curious about the ways of the adult world the more she is exposed to it. Has some intimate scenes with Valmont, and whilst there is no nudity, the actor must be comfortable with this strongly implied adult situation.

Danceny (20+) – Cécile’s music teacher and pet of the Marquise; charming and eager, caught between boyhood and manhood; devoted to Cécile, though not necessarily the most suave, assured, and confident suitor; ultimately, a man of honor.

Madame de Rosemonde (60+) – Valmont’s aunt. Grandmotherly, in the sense of being protective but lively, intelligent and sympathetic. She is a wise and witty woman with a waspish sense of humor and, though devoted to her nephew, far from blind to his ways.

Azolan (20+) – Valmont’s valet and also his spy, dapper and droll, does most of Valmont’s dirty work and reaps the rewards–both in his pocket and in his bed. Makes the most of the status afforded to him by association with Valmont.

Emilie (20-35) – an attractive courtesan for whom Valmont is one of her “regulars.” Perceptive and well aware of her role in this unequal society. The actor must be comfortable with her bare back exposed and appearing (as though naked) under a sheet.

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